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Construction Estimating Professionals Pty Ltd trading as CONSTESTPRO are group of qualified Engineers practicing as Cost Engineers and Quantity Surveyors. Our Engineers passed a 2-day closed book examination that tackles problem solving in Mathematics, Land & Route Surveying, Hydraulics, Timber/Concrete & Steel Design & Construction to be a registered engineer equivalent to the US State Board.

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8-A's: Why Engage Us to Do Your Estimating Jobs

  1. Accuracy- Experienced for accurate measurements
  2. Ability- Qualified professionals to do the works
  3. Accountability- Committed to meet deadlines
  4. Adaptability- Adept in American, British, Australian, New Zealand and International Standards Method of Measurements
  5. Availability- Able to respond with your queries quickly
  6. Applicability- Used latest estimating software compatible with your systems and BIM ready
  7. Authenticity- Genuinely unique techniques to surpass traditional measurements
  8. Affordability- Very competitive rates
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Our Ideal Services


Bill of Quantities (BOQ)

Main Contractors Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is the core element for pricing a construction project on tender.  These are prepared to provide extensive and itemized scope of work which includes but not limited to description of the item, quantity with the units, breaking down all the component or items under construction to be included on the right trades, and most importantly, the right allowances with reference to specifications your scope of works and quantities so when you win a project to implement the actual construction of the project.

With CONSTESTRO, we have engineers that have extensive experience working in Global Professional QS companies and exposure to international projects in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Asia. Rest assured that the quality and accuracy of our BOQ in accordance with International standards or your respective National Standard Method of Measurements. We can work with you side by side to know all the details about the project for us to produce a BOQ as per specification and design criteria of the project.


Trade Measurements

Subcontractors know best their trades of specialisation. Their day to day operations enhanced their expertise in their scope of work inclusions to complete their trades and detailed pricing. Our Quantity Surveyors / Cost Engineers at CONSTESTPRO have the same understanding because of our exposure supervising actual construction works at site from foundation to finishes. We can provide you detailed Trade Measurements that will include all the items that you usually need to complete your Trade package.

So, let us do your trade measurements, concentrate winning jobs and manning your operations.


Residential Bill of Materials (BOM)

We let Residential Builders concentrate on their site work with peace of mind because of our reliable and comprehensive residential estimating. We can prepare a detailed residential estimate that completely includes all the Bill of Materials (BOM) from loose timber framing in actual cut lengths to nail or bolt fixings without worrying that you missed a thing that will hold you to complete your project. We make detailed Bill of Materials that you can use as shopping list when you buy your materials from your favourite hardware or materials supply stores – hassle free!

After a busy day at the site, sit back and relax. We’ll do your worry-free Bill of Materials and even help you price the project that you are tendering so you can jump smoothly from your current project to the next.